Mini Maglite Xenon 2AA will find anything—whether it's something you lost, something you want, or something you need.
See what you lost. We will show how the flashlight shines a light on some of the most important personal items that are too easily lost in dark areas.
stunt + youtube
See what you want. We will create pop up Search Party installations at some of the busiest malls in America and invite the public to come in and participate.
The participants will enter a pitch dark room with mysterious, fast-moving objects running between their legs.
To add a fear factor, additional objects not carrying rewards (realistic remote control mice, snakes, and spiders) will also be whizzing around the room.
Participants will only be allowed use a Mini Maglite Xenon 2AA flashlight to find and win the rewards.
There will be different themes of Search Parties based on the prizes or where the installations are placed.
The search party will be recorded and uploaded on Maglite’s Youtube channel as a video with a product shot and line at the end.
See what you need. In partnership with Bear Grylls, we will introduce the Mini Maglite Xenon 2AA as the necessity you need to survive in the wilderness.
Bear Grylls is known for showcasing his extraordinary survival skills in extreme environments. In a new episode of You vs. Wild, we challenge Bear to spend a night alone in the wilderness with only a Mini Maglite flashlight. Bear explains how important light can be to survival in the wilderness. The show will end with the same screen from the search party YouTube videos.


Bear: Today I’m going to be spending a night alone in the wild with only the clothes on my back and a Mini Maglite in my back pocket.

If there’s anything I’ve learned over the years, it's that light is one of the most crucial elements to making it out of the wilderness alive.

Your mind can be your worst enemy in the dark. And that can separate those who survive from those who don’t.

You need something light weight, small and powerful when your life is on the line.

Seeing is surviving.

art direction: eden han
copywriting: kathryn nicolai