Spotify wants drivers everywhere to ditch their radios and download the Spotify app - so we’ve designed a campaign to change driving culture by downloading Spotify - and tuning in to Carchella Playlist.

The average daily commute is approximately 35 minutes. That’s 152 hours, or 19 full work days a year, the average person spends driving to work in their car. That’s why Spotify is transforming daily traffic into the live concert experience of a lifetime - with Carchella. Drivers will experience their favorite artists live right from their cars - by tuning in to Carchella with the Spotify app.

Spotify is transforming commutes in this experiential campaign and every day, on every drive - with the Spotify Carchella.

Advertising Competition
Spring 2020
Dennis Lee & Andrew Kim

Partnered with Kiki Dhal, Rhema Gabriela