Tile is a bluetooth tracker helping people locate the things that they frequently misplace. However, instead of talking about losing and finding something, we will show that it's okay to lose something sometimes, which is our shit—not literal shit, we mean our composure.
We will show that it’s okay for us to lose our composure sometimes. It happens to all of us. Just think of those guys from all the iconic lost-my-shit moments. However, it’s not okay when you literally lose something important. In case you do, we got your back. 
We will be using Tile's Instagram feed and story to showcase the most iconic losing-my-shit moments.

The Kardashians are famous for not having any filter on their show and they just love flipping out. We will create a mini series of them letting out their stresses, called “Losing Your Sh!t Is Okay”. It’s time to encourage people to start showing their true emotions. Stop hiding your shit. It’s time to own up to your shit.